Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Now that's what I call antics (Vol. I)

The proprietors of this website think they know something about antics, cuz man, there's nothing like throwing a bunch of coasters around in a bar, buying out K-Mart's silly string supply and trashing a friend's apartment, or making up fake Midwestern identities for friends and acquaintances (hello, Todd from Ft. Wayne!). And, of course, there was the conga line that disappeared up Packard Street in Ann Arbor, which scared off a chainsmoking teenager named Scott.

It turns out that our antics suck. These guys have gotten some nice attention for a stunt they pulled in Union Square a few days ago, which led me to burn part of the afternoon skimming over their past antics. Shit, these fuckers know how to cole the slaw. My favorite is No Pants 2K5, which involved team members riding the subways in boxer shorts. The best part is the pictures of the other passengers, who generally appear nonplussed. (They probably had stomach aches -- too many peanut M&Ms.) Second place goes to Best Gig Ever, in which they packed Mercury Lounge for an obscure Vermont band, Ghosts of Pasha. The IE members memorized song lyrics in advance, printed up their own band-related T-shirts, inked temporary Ghosts of Pasha tattoos, and proceeded to rock out. This included chicken fighting, junior-high style.

And this one is so trippy, funny, and elaborately planned, I have nominated it for the Nobel Peace Prize in Medicine.

Stuff this good, it makes you feel small in comparison. I can't wait for their inevitable coleslaw-related project.

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