Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hootness malaria dancey-dance!

"On this special day, we renew our commitment to lead the world toward an urgent goal, and that is to turn the tide against malaria in Africa, and around the globe," the president said. Associated Press.

How true. Malaria kills more than a million people a year. It's the leading cause of death among children in Africa--

Oh, fuck it.

Malaria Awareness Day is my best day for dancing!

"In no time, it was Bush who was enthusiastically choreographing the moves. Flashing a big grin, Bush pounded on the drums to set the rhythm and led the women and men of the group in a little dance." Associated Press.

Dancey dance!

Oh my danceness!

Hoot! Hoot! Dancing hootness George W. Bush dancey dance! Hoot!

ROTFLMAO OMG hootness you guys! OMG HOOT!!!!!!!??!!

hahahahahahahaaaa! Clappy clappy hoot!

Yes, someone really does love you, Boris Yeltsin. You know what they say: Peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat.

Hootness Yeltsin dancey-dance!

*All photos found on Shakesville.
** If I didn't already hate the guy so much, these photos would make me wish he was my best friend.


winston said...

fucking lunatic weasel nutjob jackass.

crimenotes said...

I love it when you compliment me.