Monday, December 31, 2007

From all of us here at Cole Slaw Blog ...

This is going to be the first New Year's Eve I've spent not putting up with CrimeNotes' nonsense since 2002. A list of previous Auld Lang Synes can be found here.

'Notes has made a pilgrimage to Orlando, to watch Michigan's bowl game. I will be holding it down in New York, with an indefinite band of crazies that includes our princessy pal, Meg. Based on previous New Years' the personnel involved (which could include my cousin), our antics may include a panoply of activities, almost all of which are likely to result in injuries to eyes, ears and even noses. Meg bought a quartet of champagne flutes today. I'm guessing at least one of them, and possibly up to three, don't live to see Jan. 2.

I also have no idea what I'm doing for dinner, who's coming over, if we'll wind up at some dive bar or on a roof, lowering cake and crumpets to grateful revelers. What I am sure of is that we'll all shoot each other with dart guns, drink some really good Champagne, and trust in our ability to have a great time. There might even be a Queen, but don't count on it. Danielle may have us all believing in the divine right.

Pervliness is next to godliness, peasants.

Oh, and I'll report back about it sometime in 2008. Warmest wishes for a Smashtastic New Year to you and yours, from all of us here at Cole Slaw Blog.

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