Sunday, December 30, 2007

NFL broadcast decisions are occasionally sub-optimal

At this moment, with one spot left to be decided in each conference, CBS in New York is showing a game between the Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles. Neither team has anything to play for but pride and draft position.

Meanwhile, unseen in New York will be the Cleveland Browns game, which helps determine if the Browns get the last spot in the AFC playoffs. But hey, what New Yorkers want to see is two teams -- one or the other of which is hated by most New York fans -- with nothing to play for.

This, I suppose, is the league's revenge for bringing last night's Patriots-Giants game out of hiding.

Oh, and about those Browns? Dear lord, after last week, I don't know what to think. It's hard not to take that performance -- five interceptions in a 19-14 loss with the playoffs on the line -- as a breach of covenant or something.

If they win today, I'll pay attention to the Titans game tonight -- in which the Colts have already announced that they're going to just go through the motions. But my dreams were shattered last week. Much like Michigan's season, the Browns' started disastrously, showed promise in between and now seems poised for a crappy ending. I hate to be pessimistic, especially because I did such a good job at not succumbing with any of my other teams this season, but I can see my future, and I'm preparing for a whirlwind of rage.

I think I'm going to go out to the Strand and buy The Iliad or something. You know, to calm me down.

UPDATE: Oh, seriously, fuck everything. I think I got some of the earlier post wrong, but I'll leave it standing as a testament to my anger and stupidity. Like there's not enough of those on this blog already.


Oh, and I couldn't make up my mind which translation of The Iliad I wanted, so I bought a $2.95 copy of Hamlet instead.


Crunk Raconteur said...

Our nation's capital is also seeing the very same Bills/Eagles game, primarily (I assume) as a sop to the most aggravating subset of DC-area football fans. It's bad when you walk into a bar in DC and can tell instantly how annoying it will be by the number of Eagles jerseys.

As for the Browns, well, as I told Flop last week, we've been waiting all season for the other shoe to fall off Derek Anderson's foot.

dmbmeg said...

Brady Quinn! Wooooooo!

Flop, hold me. I'm having a heart attack between the Redskin and Viking games.

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