Friday, February 01, 2008

Lost Season 4, Episode 1

My key questions and observations from the season premiere.

  • We now know that only six people were taken off the island. Jack, Kate and Hurley have been identified. Who are the other three?
  • Hurley's interrogator was unfamiliar with Ana-Lucia's fate. Abbadon, the alleged Oceanic lawyer who visits Hurley at the mental institution, also asked about people left on the island. Apparently the full story of what happened on the island isn't public. The "Oceanic Six" apparently presented themselves as the crash's sole survivors.
  • Harold Perrineau, who plays Michael, was listed in the opening credits but didn't appear on the show. I guess Michael makes a comeback this season. A fair guess might be that he's now affiliated with the people on the boat.
  • I've replayed several times the sequence when Hurley looks into Jacob's cabin. There seems to be a consensus online that Christian Shephard is the figure in the rocking chair, although I can't make that out. Also remember that in "Through the Looking Glass," Jack talks about his father in the present tense, as though he's still alive.
  • Whoever's face jumped out at Hurley, it wasn't Locke's -- in slow-motion replay, the guy appears to have thick, dark hair.
  • Notice that before he sees Charlie, Hurley was painting a man standing outside of an igloo? Is there a reason that looked familiar? Lostpedia isn't helping on this one.
  • When Jack and Hurley play Horse, they stop playing after the letter "o." H is the eighth letter in the alphabet and O is the fifteenth. They stopped at 815.
  • Unrelated to this episode, but here's a very well done YouTube clip that edits the crash of Flight 815 from multiple angles. Once in awhile YouTube makes itself useful.


JHC said...

I may have seen Juliet at the nervous hospital. Not sure.

I still think that Jacob was played by the same guy who played him last year. I thought it was a prop guy or something who works on the show.

So Locke is just all healed up now?

Didn't care for Hurley's walkabout tonight, but I finally feel like they know where they're going with the show.

dmbmeg said...

I wonder if Jack is having more visions of dead people like Hurley?

Did you guys see that written on Charlie's hand in the jail it says, "They need you"?

Did Hurley go back to the island and that is why he isn't in the Season 3 finale?

I think the people who need Hurley are the remaining castaways that stayed on the island. I think they are the ones the Oceanic 6 are lying about, and who the "lawyer" is inquiring about still being alive.

I know the writers dismissed the island as purgatory, but I can't help but think the island is some kind of gateway to the afterlife because of Locke's dad and all the dead people walking around.

also jhc-
The island seems to have a gift for healing. Remember Rose and her cancer? Obviously Locke's paralysis too.

As for the person in the coffin, I think it is someone who at first glance appeared to have betrayed the Oceanic 6 by trying to sabotage their rescue and keep them on the island.

Obviously Jack is sympathetic now to this person's death as he now wants to "go back".


dmbmeg said...

This is why I think it is Ben in the coffin. I think he will be forcibly taken off the island by the freighter people as he is the obvious tanglible leader of the island's inhabitants.

I know Jacob is the real leader, but I'm not even sure what his deal is.

Or maybe it's Jacob in the coffin?

JHC said...

Locke was paralyzed?
I know, Megan. I also know that he was gutshot and then completely fine in a matter of hours. This has not been the case for Ana, Tom, Naomi, and the dozen or so others people who have been shot/stabbed/punctured/drowned/strangled or beaten on the island.

I really, really, really don't think it's Ben in the coffin.

Crunk Raconteur said...

First of all, it was spectacular to see Lt. Daniels (I guess he's Deputy Commissioner Daniels now) from The Wire pop up on Lost (he played the Oceanic lawyer who came to see Hurley in the mental institution).

That's awesome about the numbers coming back into play in the game of Horse. I kind of missed the numbers (although one thing that has always amused me was that if one were to play the numbers in the lottery, and were it to hit, you'd only win like thirteen bucks because you just know that thousands of people play the numbers in the lottery every week).

I thought that the Hurley/Jacob's house thing was pretty good until he ran away and the house was then there again. This show usually doesn't stoop to horror movie tricks like this anymore (the smoke monster even only showed up like twice last season). That said, and I have not trolled the message boards and such, nor did I slow it down. But I thought that the eye looking back at Hurley was Hurley's own eye (the evil Hurley!)

All that said, I thought it was a nice move by the show, after such a long hiatus, to start strong with a Hurley-based episode.

Also, I was astounded by "You're not gonna kill me, Jack" followed by Jack PULLING THE TRIGGER!

JHC said...

I think it's also of note that these visions happen to people once they leave the island as well. We've discussed Hurley's visions, but the fact that he's having them at all, post-island is a leap I'm not sure I'm ready for.
This tells me that while the island itself is "special", its properties are transferrable as well.

... or maybe Charlie isn't dead? That other nutter pointed Charlie out to Hurley the last time. Was this a shared vision, between Hurley and someone who wasn't even on the island, or is Charlie alive?

dmbmeg said...

The eye was Jacob's.

The smoke monster will be back. It hasn't not appeared because it was unpopular or a "horror movie trick".

It's related to the why the Others didn't go after Eko and Locke initially--if you remember the monster didn't attack Eko at first or Locke.

hence why I said "obviously" regarding his paralysis.

DrunkBrunch said...

Nicely done.

I talked to another blogger this morning, and I said that one of my major sore spots with this show is, how much more do I have to suspend my imagination to keep watching it?

Example: Locke was shot in Season 3 and all of a sudden he's totally better. (I'm aware of the healing powers of the island, etc.)

Example 2: Then Naomi is stabbed in the back but is still able to make a fake trail, double back, climb a tree and attack Kate... and only then does she die? I mean, c'mon.

With all that said, I still love the show. And last night's episode really intrigued me. I hope that's not how they end Hurley's story, because he's the character I feel for most and want good things.

crimenotes said...

I've been spending the day going back and forth between my bed and the couch with Alka Seltzer and orange juice. I thought I was out of the woods. Apologies if I don't comment.

(I'm home sick for the second time in six years and it doesn't have anything to do with the bizarre reasoning and lack of work ethic encouraged by commentors on this site. The only thing that got the best of me was germs.)

dmbmeg said...

It's ok crimentoes. You rest your pretty little head.

Feel better soon.

JHC said...

My most obvious question is - why all of this bullshit about picking sides between Locke and Jack?
Wouldn't it have made sense for everyone to just stay put, then Jack could go to the beach to see what the rescuers intentions were?

Also, shouldn't Kate be in jail?

flop said...

You lazy fuck. I can't believe you stayed home after all that braggadoccio.

Never share your infirmities with us again.

flop said...

I'm guessing the explanation for Locke surviving is going to be a combination of not having a kidney in the spot where he was shot (although how the slug supposedly missed or was stopped before hitting the colon; or was there an exit wound? I disremember), and the island really, really wanting him healed.

I think there's going to be more than a horror-movie trick explanation for Hurley seeing the cabin in front of him again. He's clearly more important than he's been revealed to be so far, and he's demonstrated the ability to, I think subconsciously manifest things even though his conscious doesn't want them (the food drop stands out as an example). He also made Charlie disappear, presumably after summoning him.

I think he'll turn out to be as important to the island as Locke. Same for Jack.

For the record, I think it's Jacob who Hurley saw; I'm not sure if Jacob was expecting to be seen or not.