Monday, February 25, 2008

Your cash is good at the bar

Cole Slaw Blog comes to an end with this post. Thanks to everyone who read, linked, commented and otherwise supported the project.

There are no major life changes prompting this. Neither of us is moving or getting married or having a kid (that we know of). Neither of us is taking the 20th Century Limited to Chicago with Eva Marie Saint, especially because she's 83 now and was a bucket of trouble in the first place. We didn't even make a decision to retire and focus on condiments. We just decided a few months ago that we'd put it away before it before it gets stale -- spoiled slaw is a botulism risk and nobody wants that.

We're no good at being noble, but it doesn't take much to see that one cole slaw blog doesn't amount to a head of cabbage in this crazy world. Someday you'll understand that. Now, now ... here's looking at you, kids.

-- CrimeNotes and Flop


Oops Pow Surprise said...

I hope this is more a formal announcement of the blog's demise than an announcement that you two will not write online on a regular basis from this day forward.

Cock D said...

Seconding OPS's comment.

Either way - cheers to both of you for the entertainment.

Jaime said...

Very, very sad. Thank you for the good reading and the cereal recommendations. You might've been wrong about The Yiddish Policemen's Union, but you were very right about Rushmore. I'll miss you guys.

That reminds me, though - you never finished that Tournament of Everything. Always leave them wanting more...

amish said...

Fuck you guys. Fucking quitters. Thanks for pissing me off on a Monday morning.

DrunkBrunch said...


Well, hope to run into you kids at another rowdy house party, or anytime you want to jump rope with my scarves again.

(That sounds dirty. Good!)

ryan said...

Huh? Weird.

Cock D said...

Oh - and good luck catching the 20th Century Limited. Like Cole Slaw Blog its part of a golden era of Americana that is no longer with us.

Mjones said...


dmbmeg said...

I guess I will just have to IM/email you guys all the time to hear your words of wisdom.


winston said...

godspeed, gentlemen. xoxo

CrimeNotes said...

-OPS: Within minutes of finishing this post, Flop sent a battery of e-mails about Humphrey Bogart and the lyrics to "Brimful of Asha." In Coen Bros. terms, he'll probably need a new sandbox soon.
-cock d: Thanks a bunch for reading and for all the comments. Just curious, how did you find us originally? It's been a pleasure.
-Jaime: Of course, Bob Dylan won the Tournament of Everything. I wanted to find a great way to write it, didn't, so the announcement languished. Big thanks for reading and occasionally taking my words about books seriously.
-Amish: I'm sure you'll bounce back just fine.
-drunkbrunch: Indeed. I'm leaving the feats to Flop from now on. Last time I tried that stunt I fell on my face and mangled my ankle. Bad news, man.
-Ryan: Exactly.
-cock d 2: But Amtrak just doesn't carry the same romance.
-mjones: But we're free now. Sorry to close down just when you showed up for the party.
-dmbmeg: On to your next muses. You should be hanging out with younger boys anyway. Some nineteen year olds seem age-appropriate.
-Winston: Don't celebrate too soon. You're stuck with us regardless of blog.

Cock D said...

If you must know: I found your blog while at a work-training event. I was effing around by following the links at Mgoblog. I want to say April, 2007 - around the time Vonnegut passed.

voidoid said...

go irish!!

crimenotes said...

Go Dana Jacobson!

voidoid said...

Touche! Smell you gentlemen later.

evil girl said...

good enough. take care.

Mr. Shain said...

the classy thing to do would have been to just walk away without a note...

Tommy O said...

worst... post... ever...

Chris said...

I am saddened. This blog was a national treasure.

Tommy O said...

Nick Cage posted here?

Flop said...

ops: Thank you. If either of us does (don't hold your breath) we'll let you know. Did I say don't hold your breath? Yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath.

cock d: Same to you.

jaime: Thanks, and perhaps someone else will take up the T.O.E torch. I wonder what a Tournament of Anything would be like ...

amish: I will take that as a compliment. Thanks.

db: Same here. Those are more fun than leaving snarky little forgettable comments, no?

Ryan: Thank you for your support.

cock d: Most of my best train trips involved Chunnels anyway.

mjones: Thanks. You boo because you love, and we appreciate it.

meg: And you're not sick of us yet?

winston: Thanks. You'll still be subject to my act, so don't gloat yet.

voidoid: Blanton's will forever taste of victory to me. I envision writing a tasting note that goes something like "Excellent sweet-citrusy notes, smooth finish, and just a soupçon of '38-0 dismantling'" Delicious.

evil girl: I'm sorry I was in no condition to receive you when you called upon me last night. ... I'm reasonably sober now.

mr. shain: Classy is in the eye of the beholder.

tommy o: Hardly. Now please don't take me up on that and go looking through our archives.

chris: Thanks. I'm pretty sure the Library of Congress disagrees, however, as we have yet to be contacted by an archivist.

CrimeNotes said...

I just got an IM from the National Archives. We're in!

They specifically requested "Who's uncivil now, bitch?" and "CSB Hot List!"

I'm so proud.

flop said...


blythe said...


JHC said...

Guess you were serious.


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double entendre said...

Bring it back.

Anonymous said...

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