Thursday, July 19, 2007

Greetings, zombie whores

This -- this -- is what you get with your stupid camera phone and your YouTube and your retarded MySpace page and yes -- yes -- your precious blog.

"Quickly, Amy! I have an idea!"

"What's that, Rob?"

"Let's take out our cameraphones and get some sweet-ass footage of steam and chemicals coming out of the burst pipe!"

"Sweet-ass idea, Rob. YouTube and Good Day, New York cannot ignore this."

If the next 9/11 is in the Financial District, I'm going to be punching my way through an army of these pathetic motherfuckers, who likely deserve whatever mesothelioma or asbestosis they contracted while hanging out at a burst steam pipe in hopes of getting sweet-ass footage.

(And yes, this is a lead image on the Drudge Report right now, and no, I'm not ashamed that I just got caught looking at the Drudge Report.)


david said...

Regardless of my opinion on Drudge, I have to say that this picture is hilarious and your analysis is spot-on.

dmbmeg said...

Do I see Gary Busey in the background?

Hellafied said...

Shit, I'm out in the street taking photos on my camera phone the minute I hear any type of commotion outside my apartment.

Unfortunately, I live in Boystown so it's usually just two tranny queens fighting over lipgloss.

Don, I actually laughed out loud at your comment. Nice.

dmbmeg said...


I can see Hellafied now being cooked alive by the giant steam crater engulfing every gay man in Chicago all for 15 seconds of grainy footage on her camera phone.

CrimeNotes said...

Good morning.

David: Frequent visits to the Drudge Report and occasional visits to Free Republic are essential if you're going to understand the enemy. Thanks for reading and leaving the comment.

dmbmeg: Yes, I believe that's Gary Busey in the background.

hellafied: I hope you recognize that when you go outside late at night to photograph tranny queens fighting over lip gloss, you're at risk of injury. Don't say nobody warned you.

dmbmeg: Hypothetical mass death in steaming hole: tragic.

Crunk Raconteur said...

It's that same "understanding the enemy" theory that ends up with me watching way more of the O'Reilly Factor than any non-stupid person should.

Speaking of the felafel enthusiast, I'm glad to see that his hissy fit over the pope being called a primate got some play. It's nice to see that ol' Bill gets all enraged over the kind of lame, homonym-based humor that generally amuses 16-year-olds in Catholic school (just judging by my experience of when I first heard that "joke").

Midwestern Gal said...

Ha! I have a camera on my phone and can take pics, but have yet to master how to send/upload.

Great pic...

copyranter said...


Mr. Shain said...

copyranter commented on your blog! SCORE!

CrimeNotes said...

Good (late) evening:

CR -- I can't handle the broadcast stuff. They seem more harmless when they're communicating with typos and non-sequiters.

MidWG: I don't understand the cameraphone phenomenon and I don't want to understand it. Your inability has my strongest blessing.

C-Rant: They are idiots.

Mr. S: All comments and commenters are valued equally, except when someone leaves a death threat. Those are extra-special. My thanks to all.