Wednesday, July 25, 2007

There are many intense and serious things to say about Alberto Gonzalez's lies

Alberto Gonzalez reviews his prior testimony.

But I'm not saying them tonight, as work, concertgoing and extreme socializing have rendered me a shell of a man.

A few open questions before I take a four-day vacation from posting and leave this platform in Flop's monkey-clap hands:
  1. To what degree is Alberto Gonzalez's obstruction a product of direct orders from above?
  2. If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, could you conceivably vote Republican?
  3. Should I buy an XBox 360 just for NCAA 2008?
  4. Where can I find a good dogfighting match?
  5. Have you lost your iPhone yet, dumbass?
  6. Who wants some fucking pie?


dmbmeg said...

#1) I'd go more with direct orders from below. He looks strangely like my super though.

#2) possibly. If by Republican you mean Democrat.

#3) absofuckinglutely.

#4) Flop's apartment

#5) when is Apple going to come out with an iVibrator?

#6) I prefer cake. Is this some weird inside joke that I am missing?

Cock D said...

1) 1000000% (no my "0" key is not stuck.

2) If the Dems run anyone marginally better than Hitler, they will get my vote; Hillary passes that test.

3) Hmmmmm - how much are they? I guess it depends on what updates are being done in the 2008 version of NCAA for the legacy system you have (I assume you have a PS/2 or X-box-1). If no updates, I'd start to consider the purchase. I'd wait till after Christmas - then based on the sales and how Michigan did (you want to buy the game in a good year) you can make an intelligent decision.

4) Well, since Vick's house is now out, I'd check in with Clinton Portis. Based on his past quotes, I believe he can take you down some roads in the South where they do those things.

5) No - worse. I got a new Treo for work, but stil cling to my old one as a personal organizer (I could port all my info, but I like the Palm OS so much better than Windows Mobile OS)

6) Me - And it will be on the menu at my tailgate on the golf course in Ann Arbor on Sept 22. Just got the word yesterday that I have 4 together so it will be me (UM fan, PSU grad) college roommate (PSU), my mom (UM fan), and wife (ND alum who grew up rooting for BC... we're well matched). So I am utterly and completely stoked for that weekend - particularly since it is my first weekend out of my busy season at work. So in summary, I want Pie and will kindly offer it to you if you care to join me at the tailgate under the blue and white "S" and maize and blue "M" flags.

I may even have beer there.

Enjoy your vacation.

Crunk Raconteur said...

1.) Zero. After all, what "Bush Loyalty" means is that they don't actually have to give you direct orders, you just know what they want you to do.

2.) What's wrong with Hillary Clinton? Is she my personal choice? Probably not (at present, I'm an Obama guy), but judging her against the other Democratic candidates is far different from judging her against sparing dictator Rudolf Guiliani, dog torturer Mitt Romney, Scooter Libby Legal Defense Fund benefactor Fred Thompson, Walnuts McCain, and those other losers. This year, our candidate pool is an embarassment of riches, whereas theirs is just an embarassment.

3.) I would say no, but that's primarily because am semi-luddite when it comes to college foots video games, which I think stems from my playing style (I'm all about the option).

4.) I'm sure there are other Chez Mexico out there in the tidewater where you can find some...

5.) I have yet to see a single person with one in person yet, and I commute via metro every day (and there's a cingular store 2 blocks from my office). Weird.

6.) Ooh, floor pie!

blythe said...

thank god. i totally needed a crimenotes break. j/k. the next four days will render me a shell of a lady.

Mr. Shain said...

1. we have a desire to please those who we admire/want to sleep with... i think that explains everything.

5. no, jackass.

dmbmeg said...

Flop I really like what you've done with the place. Nice job.

CrimeNotes said...

1.) Is it direct or unspoken? Was someone dumb enough to tell him to lie? Probably not. I think Crunk Raconteur got it right.

2.) Hello, protest vote for the Workers World Party.

3.) Everything about the new NCAA2008 screams excellence, but it feels like deciding that getting into heroin is a good idea.

4.) Still looking for a good dogfight.

5.) You're going to lose your fucking iPhones.

6.) If someone had piped up with a simple "I like pie" I was prepared to send a complimentary pie ordered off the internet to your workplace or residence. I would have invited you to e-mail with your destination of choice, and then sometime this week you and your friends could have kicked off August with a fresh pie ordered as a gift from yours truly. Too bad no one treated the question with the seriousness it demanded. None of you gets pie.

CrimeNotes said...

Oh, wait, I just re-read the Cock D reply.

I'm not going to be at the Penn State game, unfortunately. I'm flying back for Notre Dame the weekend before, and I'm still considering Oregon the weekend before that. The Penn State game should be great stuff, though. Both teams will probably go in undefeated. With the team being what it is this year, and with some season tickets in my hand, I can justify going back for almost any game. Would love to be there, but 1.) three weeks in a row would be a lot of travel, and 2.) I have commitments in the city that weekend.

If you happen to need a pair of tickets, e-mail the blog address in the right column.