Friday, November 09, 2007

The Pith! Oh, the pith!

While the nation's fortunes hardly turn on the strike by the Writers' Guild of America, it's still a labor action, it still has worth. Also, since the strikers tend to be rather good at pithy jabs, bons mots and, well, writing in general, the blog that has sprung up to chronicle life on the pickets is a rather good read.

Some mirthworthy nuggets from the lines:

CBS TELEVISION CITY: Big glasses, big heart
Genesee gate. Drew Carey sent us out ten pizzas today. As one writer put it, "The man gave up half his lunch for us!"

UNIVERSAL: We can do the Jurassic Park ride later
Apparently, there was a Teamster present who just happened to be visiting from out of state with his wife. Somehow he stumbled across the shoot and told his wife he wanted to join the picket line. She basically said, "Are you crazy?" And he answered something like, "We're Teamsters, that's what we do."

"One guy from our group got hassled by some stockbroker-looking dude who was screaming 'Get back to work! I don't want 24 to be cancelled!' He was serious."
-Dyna Moe

I bet that guy was a joy to be around during the transit strike, too.

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