Thursday, November 01, 2007

We're on to you, Rudy

Can anyone photoshop an Indians hat onto a picture of Hillary?

Apparently, Rudy Giuliani is getting his ass kicked in the polls in New York right now by the woman who was all set to kick his ass in the 2000 Senate election, Hillary Clinton.

Awwww, too bad we know all about what a douche you are, Rudy! Also, your beloved Yankees just drove their Hall of Fame manager and shortstop third baseman out of town after a loss to the Cleveland Indians. The Hall of Fame closer may yet follow. Bow before my hometown.

Bow before the enlightened electorate of the Empire State!


crimenotes said...


Emeepray! >>>Roll tide.<<<

J. Businger said...

I diagree with the spirit of this. Giuliani could have beaten Hillary in 2000 (definitely would have outperformed Lazio), and it would have been for the best: We'd be spared President Hillary and her rubber-stamp for AIPAC's Middle East policies, we'd be spared President Giuliani (since he would have vacated the office of mayor long before 9/11), and instead it would have been Mayor Mark Green (next in the line of succession had Giuliani left for the Senate) who would have risen to international renown when by fearlessly leading the city through 9/11, and possibly filing multiple lawsuits against the terrorists. President Mark Green. Kind of rolls of the tongue.

Flop said...

The barricades would be manned on K Street, that's for sure. Aux armes!