Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What a relaxing, stress-free weekend

For a weekend without any football whatsoever, this one was pretty good all around. I spent Saturday morning at the Frick Collection, followed by a relaxing afternoon current-events discussion with some friends at a local, independent coffee shop.

It was a good weekend for the players on my favorite football teams. Chad Henne and Hart went to that Oasis Hot Tub Gardens place in Ann Arbor, where they relaxed their aching body parts in the healing, rented waters while members of the softball team fed them dates and Haribo peaches. On Sunday, they went to Cafe Zola for brunch with Jamar Adams, and stayed until 3:30 talking about the presidential race, whether there should be a student regent and making fun of Hart for liking Johnny Tremain in seventh grade. Hart planned to get revenge by introducing Adams as "The Silversmith" when he tapes the player intros for ABC later this week.
Meanwhile, the Browns spent their weekend as a team. First they went to a place out in Lorain County and played paintball on Sunday. Then Monday night they had off so they could go to Lola in Tremont where they rented out the place for a team dinner of local, northeast Ohio ingredients expertly prepared by chef Michael Symon. (They all made Brady Quinn pick up the tab; Derek Anderson made sure to get his table a magnum of the 2000 Ch. Lafite Rothschild). They all went home in anticipation of their usual Tuesday off day.

Braylon Edwards plans to work out, then have a sensible lunch, and maybe put up that birdfeeder he's had sitting in the garage for a month. Kicker Phil Dawson is planning to drive his kids to school, then go to Panera for a sandwich and finish his book (Time Traveler's Wife) for book club. Coach Romeo Crennel is going to a benefit luncheon with his wife, Rosemary, who works with disadvantaged youth. Joe Thomas is going fly fishing in the Rocky River. The steelhead are running great this time of year.


Crunk Raconteur said...

I can't wait for next week's story about Mario Manningham and Adrian Arrington's fun time at Whirly Ball of Ann Arbor, followed by a relaxing picnic at Cavanaugh Lake.

Not to mention the story about Ryan Mallett at Disney World that we'll hear on January 2!

CrimeNotes said...

Hopefully it's Disney World, and not the Sizzler at San Antonio.

flop said...

Wishful thinking, O Crunk one. I look forward to hearing about how Tressel raked leaves, then spent some quality time combing his cat's fur and giving him his hairball medication.

Todd Boeckman is going to watch old Wrestlemania tapes with his brother, while Malcolm Jenkins is going to write that book report on Lord of the Flies for his English class. Rory Nicol plans to go shopping at the Limited with his girlfriend, Jeannie and then look at bridal magazines with her.