Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ladies, start your engines

That's right. The reign of Her Majesty the Queen of 2005 ("HMQ2K5") has a scant 24 days left.

24 days until we will crown the Queen of 2006. Who will it be? What will next year's honors entail? Might we have a repeat, or will Blog Perv Danielle make a long-anticipated power play in a run for glory? What darkhorse candidates lurk in the wings?

The answers to these questions are, right now, unknowable. But we do know this: HMQ2K5's celebrated reign may be in its twilight days. It's been a good reign. We don't blame her for FEMA's failures or the loss to Ohio State. She has been benevolent -- settling drunken arguments, making cookies for football games, tolerating bad behavior.

One thing's for sure: New Year's Eve will be bittersweet for all interested parties.


Crunk Raconteur said...


Oh, wait, I don't actually know Her Excellency...never mind.

HMQ2K5 said...

I always enjoy hearing kind words from my loyal subjects.

Its been a good year. If it must end, I will give up my tiara with as much grace as I have tried to bring to my reign. But as I have said before, I'm keepin' the bling.

CrimeNotes said...

Your majesty,

If a higher power ordains that your tenure continues, you will, of course, receive additional bling. If you are overthrown, the bling remains your memento of this glorious reign.