Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Me, but less so

Astute Cole Slaw Blog readers have noticed I haven't been posting much lately. I assume it's a welcome respite for some of you. But for those of you who would identify with me on our forthcoming quiz, "Are you a Flop or are you a Crimnotes? Take our quiz and See!" (coming March 2006), I apologize.

I've been busy enough living my life that I haven't had any interesting inspiration. I've been doing things like hunting for a new job, meeting friends, going to the gym and running errands. I don't know what it is, but it's possible that when my head is full of grocery lists, movie times and people I'm supposed to e-mail, I can't think about Crenshaw Melon, the sorry, sorry state of our nation's media or where would be a good place for a ninja to hid in Columbus Circle. (Answer: anywhere, because Ninjas are masters of disguise, so they could just blend in with pigeons, wealthy old ladies or asshole bankers coming to blow $500 each at Per Se. And then totally go nuts on you.)

In short, I've been totally boring. This must be how people who lead normal lives operate. But even though I've gained an undersanding of why some people who take antidepressants wind up going off their meds, I've gotten some shit done.

Don't get me wrong _ my room is still a mess, I'm currently deep into a potentially calamitous game of chicken with my growing pile of dirty laundry, and my usual girl- and job-related angst isn't going anywhere. I watched the entire second season of "The Office" on DVD last night, then e-mailed a friend of mine a satellite photo of Slough.

All of these are good leading indicators of increased output from me in the near future.


tommy o said...

i'd rather not deal with any of your slaw related output...

CrimeNotes said...

By "going to the gym," I assume that means a vigorous stretching regime while playing Playstation.

tommy o said...

i thought it was code for firing off some knuckle children.

Crunk Raconteur said...

Man, what happened to this place. Am I going to have to register ?

Onto the political beat, all I have to say is this: If John Kerry pulls this off, it will have made all those horrible 18-20 hour days I spent working for him in godforsaken Ohio totally worth it.