Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pardon our inactivity

Flop and I took the night off from posting to attend a Yankees-Devil Rays game. Yankees lost 4-2 in 10 innings. Among other highlights, we watched Devil Rays superstar Seth McClung carry a no-hitter into the fourth; concluded that the Christian name for someone named Bubba is Rubbart; and looked at Flop's new packet of floss.

Flop adds: We also discussed possible uses for air horns and wheelchairs at a friend's (purely hypothetical) wedding; discussed the quality of relief pitching in Hillsborough County, Florida; and deplored efforts to make fans sit down and quietly watch sporting events, wherever they may be.

I also just realized that St. Petersburg is in Pinellas County. This shouldn't bug me but it totally does. Please don't tell anyone at EDSBS.

CrimeNotes amends: I believe the airhorn use was targeted toward New Year's parties. The wheelchair routine synchronized to Blondie is for wedding purposes.

I also suspect EDSBS has much bigger fish to fry than our retarded knowledge of Florida counties and their relief pitchers.

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