Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sometimes, you're in a serious mood

Skimming through some of my recent posts, I've noticed that they've either been a little dark or a little strident. Sorry that there's no good explanation. I've been reading two very intense books -- The End of Faith by Sam Harris, and Breaking the Spell by Daniel Dennett (yeah, there's a little trend) -- that don't exactly make a boy giddy.

In the remainder of my spare time, I've been thinking about Iran. Speaking of which, this post at Billmon's Whiskey Bar is an example of blogging (and writing) at its finest. Every so often I come across a blog post that renews my faith in the ideals of the internet. This is one of those times. (See? Strident!)

Anyway, we're inching into that time of year. As the weather turns, a young man's fancies turn to other things: drinking outside, being drunk outside, walking around drunk, and watching other drunk people. Silly season is around the corner, so enjoy this sobriety while it lasts.

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