Monday, May 15, 2006

Bush keeps his retardation in check

I doubt that President Bush's new immigration policy will do much practical good, and that tonight's speech was anything more than an empty attempt to show leadership on a hot-button issue. The result of this ginned-up controversy will likely be a Mexican Hugo Chavez and a sense of empowerment among white supremacists.

Nonetheless, he gets credit for the tone of his speech. It would have been easy to demogogue this issue and use coded terminology to feed the xenophobic, racist undertones of the anti-immigrant movement. Thankfully and surprisingly, the tone of his remarks was actually humane and measured. He spent more time speaking favorably of the immigrant experience than he did outlining the alleged problems that immigration causes.

Maybe this is just giving credit to a dog that can't be housebroken for not pissing the as-yet-unwhizzed-upon rug, but for 17 minutes, he didn't totally suck.

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