Thursday, May 11, 2006

Fake football and fake TV

Two great tastes that may or may not taste great together ...

In fake football news, I am in my third season as the coach of Tulane. The Green Wave have churned out 13 wins, 4,000 yards and a Heisman winner in each of my first two seasons. I'm only a couple games into season three, but thanks to a running back who transferred from Alabama after season No. 1, things are looking good for three-peats on all accounts.

It's just my small contribution to a hurricane-ravaged citizenry.

Of much greater importance is fake television. With Tuesday night's episode of Scrubs such a disappointment, I feel as if I need more fake TV, too. This is where Official Friend of Cole Slaw Blog Dr. Zenith comes in.

His blog has been on our list, under the coveted "Silliness" rubric, for a long time now. But we've never actively urged you to go there until now. It's a listing of (lamentably) lost episodes of television shows. The sort of stuff you wish you could read when you hit the "INFO" button on your remote.

Dr. Zenith would be the ideal tour guide to some tipsy late-night channel surfing. His listings include an epiosde of "227" involving hard lessons about Sandra and venereal disease, a showing of "Small Wonder" in which Vicki gets her batteries jacked so the Lawson kids can play Lazer Tag and a "Mama's Family" that includes the Devil and Mama herself doing pitched battle, and if you think Mama can't handle Satan himself, well, you clearly haven't been paying attention.

There's also multiple entries for "Perfect Strangers" and "Beverly Hills, 90210," and at least one for "Coach" (by mentioning that show, I have now tied this post together like an as-yet-unwhizzed-upon rug).

And if this weren't enough to encourage some procrastination right now, Dr. Zenith is coming up on his one-year blogiversary. Go. Read. Laugh.


evil girl said...

has flop taken to urinating on the rugs again?

Flop said...

I prefer terrazzo tile, actually.

tommy o said...

It really is a shame that rug really pulled the room together.