Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cole Slaw Blog puts the following on notice

This'll be ubiquitous by the weekend, if it isn't already.


tommy o said...

Don't you hate PANTS!

Crunk Raconteur said...

Okay, so this is completely off topic, but I just wanted to say the following in this forum.


Oh, when the massive upset (currently scheduled for noon Saturday in Ann Arbor, MI) takes place, you may have to ban me from the boards.

Final score: Crunk Alma Mater 13, Flop 'n' CrimeNotes Alma Mater 10

(Wait, what do you mean by "he plays for the Denver Broncos now????" WHAT??? D'oh.)

winston said...

oooooh, lordy lord. this could be my new favorite toy.

Flop said...

I think after Michigan invades our misguided friend's bejeweled, blingy dreams by taking out the ol' alma mats, he'll give thanks once again that he pledged his college football soul to an institution forever associated with Mo-Clo, Berea Public Library clown-punching and the raging id character on Herman's Head.

Crunk Raconteur said...

Well, I couldn't very well talk trash about Ohio State beating Michigan (really, I'm sure they have figured out how to stop dual-threat quarterbacks like, oh, say, Troy Smith in the offseason. I mean, they have to have, right?).

At this point, such trash talk is really redundant. It would be like talking trash that (with a shout-out to the Kicking and Screaming post above this) they are going to get out the stain in a detergent commercial.

Tramadol said...

maybe with yahoo messenger