Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Same river, different post

Courtesy of EDSBS, it's my second straight city-by-the-Danube-themed post!

We have a kind of unwritten rule here at CSB. We don't like posting short little entries when another blog posts, and adding our agreement. (Or possibly even a "heh-indeedy.") We'll leave that to willfully ignorant obfuscators.

I'm making an exception today. Why? Two reasons. One, it's 98 fuckin' degrees, and the amount of focus and sweat it's requiring to write this post makes me feel like I'm landing a 707 in Chicago. But also this involves important shit: Budapest, a city I just visited, might soon be the home of the Chuck Norris bridge.

The government decided to open the naming of the bridge to internet voting (Oh, Hungary ...) and the Chuck Norris Bridge now leads the polling, although the site appears to be down, which is OK by me now. I admit to a bit of trepidation about naming someone else's bridge for yuks. What if Hungary retaliates, and some poor American city winds up with the Zsa-Zsa Gabor Bridge? Or the Bela Bartok Tunnel? Even the Joszef Attila Turnpike? OK, I'm done padding this post for photo purposes now.
Welcome to Buda! The state charges ... 268 forints.


Tommy O said...

not down... bad link


Crunk Raconteur said...

My vote is now cast, but, alas, contrary to Flop (and this morning's Washington Post Express), Chuck Norris isn't leading. As of now, his 19,581 votes are 11% of the total, while "Szent Korona" has 67,883 (38%).

So, get over there, people! And, come on, the guy was Walker, Texas Ranger. You're telling me there isn't anyone, oh, I don't know, from Texas who knows how to rig an election?

Flop said...

Awesome. Although in Hungarian, it'd be Norris Chuck Hid.

Tommy O said...

I'd like to add an option to that list of bridge names... who wouldn't want to get on the Arpod Bridge.