Thursday, September 07, 2006

Foots, foots, foots

Yes, I know. It's another omnibus post. What do you want? I have the attention span of a hummingbird that's just drank an entire feeder's worth of Mountain Dew: Code Red.

Like college football? How would you like getting to watch less of it because TV demands it? Probably about as much as Crimenotes would like having his bikini zone waxed. But that's what we've gotten so far this season thanks to a new rule that has reduced the number of plays per game by around 10 percent or so. Less college foots is a bad thing indeed, isn't it?

Nectar: a taste as real as the streets ...

College football season is fleeting enough _ there's no need to make it even shorter so that we can have more Taco Bell Chicken Burrito Bowl commercials. Sign the petition at We Hate The New Clock Rules. This is the sort of cause that needs to get taken up by college newspaper editorial pages everywhere.

In other college football news, the Upon Further Review play-by-play recaps at MGoBlog (mgoblog? I've mislaid my CSB Style Guide) are the best thing in college football coverage, anywhere. Brian, the blog's owner-operator watches each game and charts every play on both offense and defense to see who was actually good (Hi, Mr. Woodley? I think I found your wallet? ... Yes, actually, it does say 'Bad Motherfucker' ...) and who was pants (Ruben Riley, you're probably on notice somewhere.)

In other foots news, I stopped into a soccer store in my neighborhood, and happend to ask the guy behind the counter if they had any items for my team, Reading FC. I knew it was a longshot, but there were Bolton scarves hanging on the wall, for cripes' sake. He produced a bootleg Reading pencil case, and let me have it free of charge, mainly because he figured he'd never get another Reading fan in the shop. It's a good day when you get a free pencil case out of nowhere.


winston said...

what? since when is reading fc "your" team? you deserve a pencil case.

CrimeNotes said...

Please do not sully the good name -- nay, the outright untouchable autumnal grandeur -- of college football by discussing it in the context of soccer and my bikini zone. When you visit the Uffizi, does it bring to mind Family Circus cartoons and armpit hair? Priorities, please.