Thursday, September 07, 2006

A practical tip for better living

Arrested Development is gone, yes, but its candle burned out long before its legend ever did. It left in its prime before it got saggy and slobbery and smelled like mothballs and stale piss. (Hello, Thursdays on NBC!)

You'll be pleased to learn that it now airs in reruns on an obscure cable network called G4. (Channel 105 on Time Warner Cable in New York.) I've never heard of G4 either, but if you have Tivo what does it matter? Fire that bitch up.

Meanwhile, a TV show even funnier than Arrested Development will air its first three back-to-back episodes early Sunday morning on September 17. The Thick of It on BBC America prompted me to suffer some kind of minor seizure. If you like your misanthropy with all kinds of British accents and undertones of elitism and misogyny, this show will make stale pudding squirt from your nose.


Ryan said...

Elitism and squirting pudding? One causing the other?

I am so there.

CrimeNotes said...

Something about stale pudding sounded apt.

Glad you've found a computer and are writing again, Ryan.

brian the pinup said...

Welcome to nerdhood, CN, G4 is "Tech TV." I first heard of it when they announced during the NHL (remember them?) strike that they'd run the season on NHL '05 on Playstation and televise the games with announcers, studio analysts, etc. I thought it was a hilarious idea, but never did find the show. Too bad...

Enjoy the CMU game without me (in Boston this weekend), I will be back to loudly swear with you for the ND game next weekend.

double entendre said...

Arrested Development is also in reruns on HDNet, for those who enjoy high def and all that. That's channel 724 on Time Warner in NYC.