Thursday, May 10, 2007


There are two apartments per floor in my building. I've lived in this apartment almost four years and just renewed my lease for a fifth. My across-the-hall neighbor has been here the whole time. He's about my age. We're friendly but not close. That one day a few years ago when I had my brush with crime victimhood, I hung out in his apartment for awhile. He was great about that, giving me cigarettes and a beer and letting me babble while I decompressed.

I came home late tonight. There was a baby carriage in our short hallway. "Weird," I thought.

While I unlocked my door, I glanced over. I saw fur in the baby carriage. It looked like cat fur.

"What the fuck?" I thought. I peeked a little more, expecting to see a sleeping pet.

But it was a long patch of fur.

My heart skipped a beat. "It's a dead animal," I thought. "Dead animal in a baby carriage."

Instead, it was a large toy rabbit.

And now I'm writing this from the tangent universe.

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