Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sandwiches are nice but football is better

Most of you who care will find The New York Times profile on Zingerman's without my help.

It was a few blocks from the house where I lived in Ann Arbor. It was never one of my prime spots. I generally went there just to get a coffee.

Mostly I wanted to make note of the article because of its audio slideshow, which is less remarkable for the fact that it includes pictures of overpriced food and yuppies than it is for the music that bookends it.

It's that time of year. As with every spring, I'm not looking forward to summer, but to the end of summer, football season and trips back to Ann Arbor. Sandwiches are fine, football is around the corner and summer can suck it.

Only four months to go.

The Georgia Ruben I ate at Zingerman's the day after Michigan lost to Notre Dame in 2005.


VerbalD said...

I have never been a huge fan of zingermans, and I lived in ann arbor for seven years. I'd rather get a beer at arbor brewing company, or go to washtenaw dairy, or drink sangria at dominicks. Plus, who wants to pay $12 for a sandwich?

Cock D said...

"washtenaw dairy"


Their donuts were a staple every Sunday morning after a Michigan football Saturday as we departed our friends' house on 3rd street and pointed the car back towards Pittsburgh.

Those donuts ruled.

re: sandwiches - my brother after a recent visit to A2 bemoaned the downfall of the urban core to yuppie-sandwich shops. + 1 to both him and you.

Flop said...

cock d is a Michigan fan and a Yinzer? Oh dear lord. You're much more excited about LaMarr Woodley's appearance at the confluence than I am, aren't you?

Topic: Yeah, I always appreciated Zingerman's more in the abstract than the tangible, too.

CrimeNotes said...

I'd pegged him as a South Carolina fan myself.

evil girl said...

never much appreciated zingerman's until a pre-new year's visit and had a remarkable pastrami sandwich. it converted me. hooray expensive food.

Cock D said...

Flop -

It gets worse: I am a Penn State alum.

My M roots, however, are bona fide: I attended every M home game from 1979 (3 yrs old) till 1989; playing football on Saturdays in HS killed my streak.

Even after matriculating at PSU in '94 (yes - they were 12-0 that year), I couldnt trade in my Maize and Blue for Blue and White.