Saturday, April 23, 2005

Cole Slaw Blog celebrity sighting: Topher Grace

Cole Slaw Blog's proprietors, along with official blog pin-up Brian and blog perv Danielle, were enjoying some beers at Tavern on Jane when Topher Grace and friends took the table next to us. Mr. Grace was with two attractive but thoroughly non-skanky lady friends, and a gentleman whose apperance was compared to gadfly/provocateur [redacted]. Mr. Grace, best known for That 70s Show and In Good Company, struck us as unassuming and thoroughly normal. He dined on a large dessert, appeared to be a little drunk, and had no obvious connection to the Times's appalling style sections.

As surprising as it was to have Mr. Grace within poking distance of our group, the bigger surprise was how well behaved we all were. No one asked him to monkey clap; no one threw a projectile at him; no one dropped a Fez dig. Indeed, had he eavesdropped, he would have heard nothing more scandalous than Danielle's views on porn, an argument about Bright Eyes, and remarks about my co-blogger's lovelife. All in all, an impressive evening.

I just found this image of Mr. Grace, which bears no semblance to his behavior tonight:


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