Saturday, April 30, 2005

Riding the Bus With My Sister

If you do not watch this movie, you will not be invited to the next Monkey Clap Dance Party. That, homey, is not an order. It's a threat. Here's how CBS summarizes the key plot twist:
With no one else in the family willing to take on the responsibility, Rachel is forced to spend time with Beth (O'Donnell), her endearing, feisty and developmentally disabled sister who fills her days riding city buses.


everyonelovestheevil said...

would a cole slaw blog remake -- it could be called "riding the bus with my monkey" -- hinge on pretty much the same plot?

"with no one else in the city willing to take on responsibility, cole saw is forced to spend time with monkey (freeman), his smelly, feisty and developmentally disabled (i.e. retarded) aquaintence who fills his days riding city subways."

Anonymous said...

Wait until you see our picture of the DDK. You're going to love it.