Sunday, April 24, 2005

The month in review

As of today, Cole Slaw Blog has been posting for exactly one month. To save time for our fans (all three of you) here's a summary of what you might have missed. In honor of Ralph Williams, I call this the "Yea/Nay" list.

Yea: coleslaw; Wing; Improv Everywhere; University of Michigan; Neil Young; Cleveland; columnist Connie Schultz; Saul Bellow; Coaster Pong; The Office (UK); the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; Jeffrey Sachs; Jodie Sweetin; Topher Grace and friends.

Nay: stealing elections; timid college newspaper editors; as-yet-unidentified fiction writers in Brooklyn; police brutality; the Upper East Side; exorbitant wealth; Time Out New York; Tom DeLay; The New York Times; John Cloud; Meatpacking District.

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