Tuesday, April 12, 2005

These are a few of my favorite things

If you're not wasting enough time at work, here's what you've missed so far this week:
  1. Honoring the Pope in Long Island City.
  2. Wolverines are the toughest mammals ever, and completely awesome. How many miles could you walk with big traps on your legs? Yeah, thought so.
  3. Courtesy of Atrios, one funny video mocking one awesomely atrocious video, plus another video by The Decemberists. (Atrios wants to be the left-wing TRL.)
  4. This American Life did a somewhat moving show last weekend about the Improv Everywhere crew that we previously praised. Who knew antics could be so bittersweet?
  5. Apprentice douchebag jailed.
  6. Stalin inspires Republicans. (Literally. This isn't metaphor.)
  7. Dear California lawmakers: why must you gank on our style?
  8. Idaho legislature honors Napoleon Dynamite. I quote (seriously!): WHEREAS, any members of the House of Representative or the Senate of the Legislature of the State of Idaho who choose to vote "Nay" on this concurrent resolution are "FREAKIN' IDOTS! ...
  9. Visit the website of this blog's official band.

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