Monday, February 27, 2006

CSB: behind the scenes

me: So do you want to guest blog for spin­achdip?
Flop: I think so
I'm exhausted right now, so I'm going to consider it in the morning
me: It'd be fun.
Flop: but in general, yeah, I'd like to
me: Just don't break a beer bottle on his blog.
Were you out last night with Brian?
I got FUCKED UP on Friday and needed to mellow.
I ended up in Koreatown and did karaoke to "Thank God I'm a Country Boy."
Fucking grade-A mess.
Flop: HA HA HA
me: But I was so drunk i couldn't keep up with the lyrics
Flop: What prompted your Den­ver­-i­an stylings?
me: So I kept apo­lo­giz­ing throughout the song.
Flop: hee hee
me: Well, we just did some Bon Jovi.
I'd pre­vi­ously been seranding a cab driver with Poison.
So it was time to mellow out with John Denver.

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