Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday Stylin': Still Astonishing

Part of our occasional series looking at the New York Times' most reliably offensive section.

One of the regular features of Styes Section journalism (cough) is the positing of a trend. Most of these trend stories include quotes from some random or seemingly random person on the street, supporting the author's assertion of whatever the trend is. The trends declared in these stories are often highly specific and buzzworthy.

For example: A story on how many people purchase different headphones to use with their iPods would be too prosaic for the Stylin' crew. But a piece on people who own several different iPods, and carry different ones according to their mood? Now we're talking. That story would probably include phrases like: "kicky, pink Mini"; "feeling slinky" and "the iPod is to 21st century Americans what the snuffbox was to our 19th century forebears _ omnipresent, addictive and a way to make a statement without saying a word."

Now that I've gotten all that exposition out of the way, here's the thrust of the Stylin' Sections latest trend declaration. The film "Brokeback Mountain" has made it acceptable to dress like a cowboy.

No, they even said that.
OF the many cinematic barriers broken by the success of "Brokeback Mountain," one previously overlooked achievement is that the film has made it acceptable to dress like a cowboy.
Sounds OK, I suppose. Let's continue.

... Western fashion has struck a chord with audiences, as several people are now willing to pay top dollar for that authentic Brokeback look. A few items from the cast wardrobe have been donated to charity auctions and are commanding astounding bids.
Yeah, that emphasis (and incredulity) is mine. A trend is now ... several people. But check it out. Those several people aren't just dressing like cowboys. They're wearing the actual clothes from the movie. Indeed, the rest of the article reveals that while there's no evidence of New Yorkers (Or Los Angelenos, or Miamians or Parisians, Londoners or anyone else from cities that matter) dressing like a cowboy. Instead, only evidence of wealthy people purchasing the actual wardrobe from a movie. Seriously.

New rule: If the number of people doing something is less than the number of people who read Cole Slaw Blog in a particular week, it's not a trend.

* * *

In the next Stylin' Roundup:

Alex Kuczynski offhandedly mentions other things she's discarded in a snit: Prada brand chewing gum, disputed territory on the Ecuadorian border, Uggs. And Eric Wilson authors a trendlet piece on wealthy Francophiles purchasing the actual moustache worn by Steve Martin in "The Pink Panther."

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