Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cole Slaw Blog's urban dictionary

baby: (n.) A self-deprecating replacement for the first-person pronoun when referencing oneself, often used to express desires that are basic (ex: "Baby wants to order pizza.") whiny (ex: "Baby hates this bar.") or arbitrary (ex: "Baby doesn't like haircuts.").
bag of dicks: (n.) 1. A highly unpleasant and unnecessary experience; nuisance. (Ex.: "I fell down and twisted my ankle. It was a bag of dicks.") 2. A satchel of penises. (Ex.: "Mary Jo found a bag of dicks by the pond, so she called the police.")
crack (n.) Upper cleavage of the buttocks. (ex: "I saw some lady's crack when she sat at the bar.").
DDP: (n.) A mythical, irrepressible hybrid who communicates via cawing, sports curly hair, and has flippers for hands. Ex.: "I saw the DDP in East River Park. She was feasting on a seagull."
french (v.) A manner of kissing that involves the contact of tongues; French kissing; making out. Ex: "At my birthday party, I Frenched that pretty lady by the bathroom doors."
hoot: (v.) A high-pitch onomatopoeic call; whoop. Ex: "I hooted on the rooftop until 3 a.m."
navarre: (n.) Profanity shouted in moments of great pain and frustration. Ex: "You just severed my arm. Navarre!"
pretty lady: (n.) An attractive female. Ex: "The pretty lady entices me."
smashtastic: (adj.) Of superb quality; fantastic. Ex: "That triple lindy you just performed was smashtastic."
tits: (adj.) A superlative that connotes peerless excellence. Ex.: "Mario Manningham is tits."
Turkish: (adj.) A modifier used to describe a poor imitation of a higher-quality original; derives from film classic Turkish Wizard of Oz and the Turkish film industry generally, but does not apply to Turkey or its people. Ex.: "Jim and Pam are the Turkish Tim and Dawn."


copyranter said...

a tangent, but one of my favorite phrases is:
Hotter Than A Sack Full Of Wolf Dicks

CrimeNotes said...

Vivid and disturbing. Well done.

dr-eavealer said...

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