Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why irrational hatred of technology is only going to bite you in the ass someday

Because when your co-blogger is walking through Union Square, and he sees a dozen or so *actual, real-undead, brains-jonesing, HOLY SHIT! ZOMBIES shuffling along on a warm and pleasant Halloween afternoon, he can take photos of them with his cameraphone and immediately send them along to all his friends who do not get off on denouncing technology. (Which basically means, all my friends but Crimenotes, who wears his Luddite pride like a Welshman wears a leek in his hat.)

Sorry, CN. I wish I could have sent the photos to you.

Everyone in the park was laughing their asses off. I just wish my phone could have recorded the anguished groans of the undead.

*OK, just people in excellent costumes looking like extras from a George Romero movie. One woman had a lifelike gnawed foot hanging from the pocked of her tattered rags. Another dude was in a nautical get-up, complete with a life ring around his head, kind of an undead Judge Smails back from the wreck of the Flying Wasp. I can't emphasize how entertaining this one.

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CrimeNotes said...

Oh, yeah, I'm real sorry that I missed this one. I hope that whatever Telecom company you're shilling for is giving you a percentage for that post. Sounds like a perfect commercial:

Scenario: Halfwit with a phone wanders around an urban park area on Halloween. He sees people in costumes and believes that they are actual zombies. Terrified that his brains are about to be eaten, he photographs the zombies as a testament to his last moments. Instead, the zombies turn out to be art students and the halfwit merely has an excellent photograph. Enthused, he uses his camera phone to send the picture to all of his friends. Each of them laughs hysterically ... except for the one technophobe sitting in his office with an outdated cell phone that can't even accept text messages.

The technophobe pours himself a bowl of cereal.