Monday, October 30, 2006

The shitty-TV-show equivalent of found money

... is pretty much defined by this. You're flipping channels, and an episode of "Just Shoot Me" comes on, but David Cross is guest-starring. Or maybe just getting a break. I don't know what part of his career this is, just that it was before he was Dr. Tobias F√ľnke.

Regardless, it's pretty much the only reason I can conceive of for watching this show, outside of "the prison guard wouldn't change the channel." Although usually when I come across it, I'll stick around until I see what Laura San Giacomo's wearing.

But man, David Cross on "Just Shoot Me" ... where do you think he puts that on his resume?


CrimeNotes said...

I hope you didn't write this while sober. By my lights, David Cross and "Just Shoot Me" both suck. Tobias was a great character in spite of Mr. Cross's persistent overacting.

Flop said...

Actually, I was much drunker than I thought I was when I wrote this. And I think it's pretty clear what I think of "Just Shoot Me."

Yeah, heaven forbid a comic actor go over the top. They should all be like snowflakes falling in a snowy wood.

David Cross is an attention whore, even by the attention-whore standads of actors. Until he slips down the far slope of the funniness curve, I have no problem with that.

Det. Rhiannon Brock said...

Love the episode, but know for a fact that he will kill anyone who does the 'chickenpot chickenpot chickenpotpieeee!' thing to his face.

Flop said...

You found that out first-hand, didn't you?