Thursday, November 16, 2006

We got wars going down in the Middle West

We got douchelords comin' 'round the back in the sweater vest ...
Perhaps you've heard of this game happening Saturday? It's always been big to me, but not for the reasons you might think.

I grew up in Cleveland. And I was obsessed with football. But only pro football. And it pretty much stayed that way until I actually became a student at Michigan.

I owned an actual Cleveland Browns helmet. I thought Brian Sipe was the best football player who ever lived. Saturdays were for cartoons; Sundays were for football. I was dimly aware that there was college football, too. But I lived for Sunday.

And I never liked Ohio State.

I think it started when I'd turn the TV knob to channel 3 on Sunday mornings, looking for the pre-pregame show, and come across Earle Bruce burping up excuses after a loss to to Purdue or Minnesota. BOR-ring! I just wanted my NFL films recap, bitch.

My Saturdays were spent actually outside, actually playing football, pretending to be Reggie Rucker, Rickey Feacher or Matt Bahr until it got dark and cold out. The sight of college football on TV just made me want it to be Sunday that much more.

I only watched Michigan-Ohio State every year because my mom went to Michigan. Between that and stupid ol' Earle, guess which team I supported.

My childhood college football experience as a kid consisted almost entirely of watching Michigan play Ohio State every year, then watching Michigan play in the Rose Bowl.

But ever since I became a student, it's become a much bigger deal. A big reason for all the passion in college football is because so many fans have such an intimate connection with their team. It's more than a shared city or state. It's our own identity.

So yeah, this is big. I'd love to go on and on for thousands of words here about all that, but I'm too excited to think straight.

This week has been draining. The slightest provocation makes me think of the game. I watch DVR-ed episodes of "Scrubs" and wonder if Dr. Cox would be a Michigan fan because he wears a Red Wings jersey.

I'm sure I'm not alone. I've been explaining to my non-college-football-fan friends that this game, in this rivalry, is like waiting for Christmas, only there's a decent chance that Santa comes down the chimney with a flame-thrower. It's like getting ready for your wedding, at which it's possible your beloved will run off with your worst enemy.

I've always enjoyed beating Ohio State, but I can't imagine circumstances in which I'd enjoy beating them more.

Awesomeness awaits us. And possibly hooting.


VerbalD said...

Kirk Herbstreet called Steve Breaston "worthless" yesterday.

I would LOVE for someone to make him literally eat his words. Grilled, boiled, maybe add some garlic and salt. But he should have to eat them if michigan wins.

tommy o said...

holy shit!

if Michigan didn't have enough motivation:
DETROIT (AP) - Bo Schembechler, the winningest coach in Michigan football history, died Friday after collapsing during the taping of a television show, according to three Detroit TV stations. He was 77.