Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A funny thing happened during the switch to the new Blogger

If you're read five posts on this site, you can probably figure out the author by the third paragraph. Flop and I have different styles, you see. I'm brilliant, witty and sexy; Flop is discursive, wacky and obsessed with Cleveland.

For some reason, when this site moved from the old version of Blogger to the new one, every post ever written on Cole Slaw Blog was reattributed to Flop. My lengthy essays on The Hold Steady, my rage during Hurricane Katrina, and my long analysis of how the Real World/Road Rules challenges mimicked that week's events in the U.S. Senate? Posterity will remember Flop, not me.

We write anonymously, so it's not a problem. Really. I hope Flop enjoys the fame and credit for my insights. And when some poetry critic cites one of my theories about The Hold Steady to Craig Finn, Flop's theory was deemed "a stretch," not mine.

Or maybe we can both post as "Flop" from now on. It'll be like Cato's Letters. With more Cleveland.


Jaime said...

I just re-saw the title of this post. It sounds like a musical theatre referene, but maybe I know better than to think that.

CrimeNotes said...

Some things seep into the public consciousness.