Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another new blog

Even if I weren't adding a new blog to our list, I'd have to pass along this one article, just because it's so hilariously cringe-worthy.

So go and read the article entitled "Jammin' Like Crazy at Goldman." I haven't seen a more laughable-on-it's-face piece of advertorial bullshit. Then again, I don't know the first thing about investment banking. I had to look up the wikipedia entry to confirm some things, just because I only knew "investment banker" as the consolation prize for for insecure moms whose beloved never showed any signs of aptitude for iambic pentameter or reverse transcriptase.

Jammin' reads as if it were penned by a hopelessly dorky member of the bank's PR department (you know the type: they're still bellowing "Whoomp, there it is! unflinchingly after minor personal or professional triumphs). The comments left for the poor author are also a trove of excellence. But the best snark comes from the response on Leveraged Sellout, a new blog that provides a look inside the fascinating world of investment banking. Everything from spreadsheet jockeying to bottle service _ it's all here. If you ever wanted to see just how investment bankers roll, now's your chance, brah.


crimenotes said...

It worked, fucker.

amish said...

LSO's been out for a while. The posts are great, but the best part is the comment war that breaks out after each post.

Flop said...

Amish, I'm just slow to pick up on the trends. Speaking of: Who's this saucy young "Wonkette" I keep hearing about?

(And yes, I love the comment wars, too.)