Monday, January 08, 2007

It's not you, it's us

There are certain blogs I look forward to checking every day. The new posts are like nice little presents, and when the sites aren't updated, I feel mildly disappointed.

Hopefully, Cole Slaw Blog does not inspire that level of affection.

But in case it does, I thought that I'd issue a little explanation as to posting frequency and the recent lack thereof.

When I'm not posting regularly: I'm being crushed by all-consuming work duties. I think that if I posted about my work life, this site would get 10,000 hits a day and I'd have a book deal. But I'm a professional first and a blogger second, so at times like these, I just can't post.

When Flop's not posting regularly: He's just being lazy. Also, it probably means no one has spoken ill of Cleveland recently.

I hope that this clarifies matters.

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