Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Simply the worst

I'm sure that copious amounts of criticism will be directed at Fox's typical yahoo coverage of the BCS bowls, so I'll just choose one instructive example of how appalling the whole spectacle was.

Before the start of the Orange Bowl, the coin-tossing duties were attended to by the three "honorary captains" representing Wake Forest (Arnold Palmer), Louisville (Muhammad Ali) and the region, not the school, of south Florida (Dwyane Wade).

Some poor overmatched director, apparently with network notes like "show the crowd" "make it feel like a special event" and "let the images tell the story" let the cameras linger on the disease ravaged Ali, who appeared to have no idea where he was, why he was wearing a Cardinals football jersey or why the fuck Tina Turner's "Simply the Best" was blaring at what must have been inhuman decibel levels.

And when I saw David Brent's motivational speech in "The Office" I thought that would be the most uncomfortable I would ever be while hearing that song.

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