Saturday, June 10, 2006

A day at the races


I spent a beautiful, windy day out at Belmont Park.

For the fourth year in a row, I was a loser all day long. Enjoy my $100 bucks, NYRA! My first time at the track, I came out ahead $150 on the day. It's been downhill ever since. At one point, my betting tactic devolved into picking horses whose names resembled those of my friends -- like Anew, and Rizzi's Brass Band. If I'd been wagering to win instead of on exactas and trifectas, I probably would have had a good day.

It's also great people watching. I saw fourteen-year-olds with cigars, and with nostalgia, I noticed that the vast majority of people who wear suits at the track appear to be younger than 25. This was a stage where wearing a suit connoted adulthood and sophistication, rather than a warning sign that my soul is in trouble.


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