Sunday, June 04, 2006

Re-introducing Crunk Raconteur, as himself

Those of you who enjoy our site's comments (and really, you should, because they're more interesting than our ramblings about whatever shiny objects catch our respective eyes) are familiar with the pseudonym of Crunk Raconteur.

Flop finds himself abroad for responsibilities stemming from the sport that whose name should not be spoken. Washington, D.C.-based Crunk Raconteur will be his guest blogger for the next two months.

I barely know Crunk Raconteur. Based on what Flop has told me, he was a bit player in a high school quiz-bowl incident that predicated Flop uttering the phrase "sperm whale" on Cleveland public television. Crunk and I first met at Touchdown Cafe in the late '90s. More recently, we met in early 2004 at Dempsey's Pub, and had a table-pounding argument about the relative merits of Howard Dean and John Kerry as Democratic presidential nominees: I argued in favor of Howard Dean, and Crunk argued that Kerry was the only electable prospect. I uttered something along the lines of "Fuck you" as Crunk entered a cab.

I'm not sure who history vindicated.

More recently, he guest-blogged this past fall while Flop and I were away on our (separate) travels. We both were pleased with his performance.

Ladies and gents, enjoy his prose stylings. I'll still be here to clean up the cigarette butts and empties when he goes home.


Ryan said...

Quiz-Bowl ruled.

CrimeNotes said...

Cleveland: the place to be for Quiz Bowl and doomed sports franchises.