Saturday, January 12, 2008

Clinton race-baiting, Part 2 of _

"If you have a social need, you're with Hillary," the aide said. "If you want Obama to be your imaginary hip black friend and you're young and you have no social needs, then he's cool."
It really is masterful -- if disgusting -- politics. Even if this turns out to be a misunderstanding or overheated rhetoric among informal advisers, they still polarize the campaigns and make Obama a niche candidate. Obama becomes the definitive "black candidate" of a black constituency, no matter how hard he tries to be the candidate who's moved beyond race. Certain white voters will perceive him differently, and the Clintons maintain plausible deniability. Maybe it bodes well for her performance in a general election. That it risks starting a war within the Democratic Party is secondary -- all that's ever matter is their own survival.

In light of Bill's exploitation of Ricky Ray Rector,* none of this should be surprising.

*Rector, a black man with an IQ of 70, shot a police officer and then attempted to kill himself. He believed that prison guards were throwing chickens and alligators into his jail cell, imitated an ape, and on the night of his execution asked a prison guard for a slice of pecan pie before bed, not realizing that he was about to be killed. Before his death, he also stated an intention to vote Bill Clinton for president. In 2002, the Supreme Court ruled that executing the retarded is unconstitutional. For Clinton, it was all an opportunity to prove death penalty bona fides.


Garrisonny said...

"That it risks starting a war within the Democratic Party is secondary -- all that's ever matter is their own survival."

You got that right. The Clintons are perfectly happy to destroy the Democratic Party, break up the 75 years of close affiliation Blacks have had with the Party, polarize the country, split our coalitions and in general trade hope and unity for division and rage with their tactics, just so long as it prolongs their already overlong public orgasm session. Just a re-posting of something I wrote over at Oliver W.'s blog, on my thoughts about the latest Clinton doggy-whistle campaigning:

Like they say, talk like a racist, bark like a racist, mouth horses**t like a racist, and it becomes pretty damn obvious, the Clintons and their campaign are racists of the most repugnant kind, at the very least using blatantly racist innuendo in the most vile fashion to turn Obama from An American Candidate into That Scary Black Man at the Podium That Whites Must Always Be Wary of. And to think at some point I actually liked the Clintons.

The hip black friend swipe, on top of Bill "where's my KKK hood, that way I can hide it" Clinton's declaration of Obama as a kid swipe (ooh, dog-whistle, dog-whistle for white voters, where can I get me one?!), on top of Hillary's little "man that MLK mighta had some cute ideas and all but with his brains all spilled out on the pavement when he got too uppity, it took a white hero LBJ to get it done" swipe, on top of Andrew Cuomo's talk of shuckin' it and jivin' it, on top of Mark Penn and Bill Sheehan and their cute little "oh, some people think Barack Obama might be a drug dealer, but no, pure innocent us, no we'd never raise a topic like that" act, on top of Bob Kerrey's "hey, I know some people might think that Barack Obama might be a Muslim Madrassah-raised Muslim-country livin' terrorist-sympathizin' Manchurian candidate but me, now, I'd never think that and oh BTW did I remember to mention that some people might think that 'OBAMA MIGHT BE A MUSLIM MADRASSAH-RAISED TERRORIST SYMPATHIZER' again not that I would actually believe that" act--

and well, you gotta hand it to the Clintons. When Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and their whole entourage do racism, I mean, they don't go for half-measures, they go for the whole hog, the full monty, the whole kit and kaboodle. I mean hey, not even Trent Lott or ol' Strom in their fondest wet dreams coulda come up with a racism display and Black-Boogeyman-scare-the-whites fest like the Clintons have. Gotta love the Clintons' new motto: "Hey, if you're gonna be racist, then dammit, be thorough about it, do it right."

In fact, there's little doubt about what the Clintons are doing right now, getting sossed in their $5 million penthouse with Hillary in her best Marie Antoinette wig, while Bill Clinton gets pecker-sucked by his favorite blow-up doll and Hillary Clinton gives rim jobs for one of the corporate crooks who are her main campaign contributors, with Bill sayin' to Hillary: "Hey, Hill, those Negroes may be dumb but boy are they cute, I mean, we can toss out the worst stream of racist drivel since mah 10th removed cousin, the great Nathan Bedford Forrest, first donned the White hood to put them 'coons in their place, scare the whites away from that uppity coon Barack Obama but then we can still pretend to be civil rights admirers and you know, them coons, they don't know any better, they'd still be coming out to vote for us in November 2008! Ain't America great?"

"Oh Bill, all your talk about election-rigging and now that gleam in your eye when you talk about pulling the wool over those dumb Black monkeys, man it's just so much fun how dumb and easily led those monkeys are, oh Bill, you're gettin' me hot, I haven't been this hot since that anal action foursome with your cousin and that big hunky goat you like to keep in the stable back on the farm, man, Bill, how do you do it?"

Oh, sure, of course, we're all down with that. I mean, us dumb Negroes never could pick up on patterns you know, since we're underevolved monkeys just like the Clinton campaign team has picked up on, without the frontal lobar capacity to realize when we're being played for fools and when the Clintons, desperate for a nice Black lawn jockey to decorate their campaign pictures but determined never to allow a Black executive, put up their best Jim Crow routine since some Klan regulars started moonlighting in Blackface on the vaudeville circuit.

Switching to somewhat less sardonic mode now:
Oliver, I'm tellin' you it's about to get damn nasty, there are Black communities already smoldering and about to explode with anger at the Clintons for this, and I'm not talking calm cool protests, I'm talking the cities burning down like Detroit and Watts kind. The rage in the air is so palpable you can cut it with a knife.

The fix is already in for the South Carolina primaries-- there are no paper ballots there and no paper trail, just those touch-screen tailor-made vote-riggers with no audits feasible, something that a starting tech at Radio Shack could hack in under 5 minutes, they also showed this on HBO not too many moons ago. I took some programming classes for my accounting training back in the day, and even then, it's as simple as inserting an easy loop code "For every G number of votes for Candidate A, change the Gth vote to one for Candidate B." And since the source code is proprietary, there is no method to check it at any point. The Clintons are preparing to rig the whole thing.

For those of us in South Carolina and nationwide, that's why it's essential to insist on
1. Paper ballots only, like they use in every other country that considers itself a civilized republic, multiple-counted by independent workers as well as campaign reps with outside election monitors to audit the whole process, to ensure accuracy (RAISE HELL ABOUT THIS! go to the South Carolina courthouse steps if necessary to demand it) and
2. More importantly, that every single eligible African-American in South Carolina go out and vote, just go and vote like you've never voted before or if you've never voted before, because your voting slip and your communications to exit pollsters are the only means we have available to call BS on the fraud that the Clintons are preparing to perpetrate with the hackable machines.

Along similar lines, never, ever cast a vote for Bill or Hillary Clinton, ever again, in a primary or in any type of election. They are a dangerous disease for this country with their naked ambition and resort to open racism to split the country apart for their own personal gain, and they're cursed with some nasty consequences for perpetrating this. If Hillary Clinton gets nominated with the stench of this fraud in the air and the racism they're manifestly using against Obama, all hell is gonna break loose. The country's gonna burn, burn, burn, from sea to gleaming shining sea.

crimenotes said...

I sympathize with the sense of betrayal and think that you're right in a lot of respects, but I also think that the Clintons' strategy depends in part on a kind of strong outrage that keeps this a live story. It's a kind of ugly, brilliant jujitsu -- the more anger their remarks inspire, the less Obama can present himself as a unifier. It's cynical and bloodyminded, but as a tactic, really hard to beat back.