Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Numismatics corner!

I was recently discussing the trend in the United States to name our most visible assets for presidents and only presidents. I assume part of it comes from the Great Reagan Renaming of the late 1990s. But the stupidity has only grown.

Basically, every new aircraft carrier is going to be named for a president. Including the new U.S.S Gerald R. Ford class of supercarriers. (Incidentally, I know of no capital warships named for former Ohio State players). Although I think I foresee a problem when the George H.W. Bush and the George W. Bush get their orders crossed and make a Three Stooges-style entrance at the Straits of Gibraltar.

We've long been remiss in honoring great Americans on our currency, leaving it to a couple great presidents, a few horrible ones, Alexander Hamilton and Ben Franklin. And, of course, Sacagawea.

But she's getting hustled out the door, apparently in the belief that the reason no one wants to carry around pockets full of jingling dollars is because they don't have former presidents on them. And oh, are the new dollar coins are going to show presidents. All of them, in fact. Including, yes, two separate coins for each Grover Cleveland administration.

So we'll be honoring Rutherford B. Hayes, Andrew Johnson, Millard Fillmore and William Howard Taft, in the same way we honor Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and the like. But other Americans can go suck a lemon. Would it kill us to put Martin Luther King on the currency? And not as a sop to multiculturalism or Black History Month. Dude pretty much changed the course of American history, and for the better. While Benji Harrison rocked the tariffs pretty hard, I don't think that quite compares.

But I'll let this issue drop for now. We're an increasingly unthinking, people. So I suppose its only fair that we make no distinctions other than that leader = good. I do have one other minor objection, and it's a question of taste. This requires visuals.


CrimeNotes said...

Are you off your meds?

Are you trying to destroy this blog?

What the sam fuck is going on?

Cock D said...

Haha! That really does look like the old poker chip. We suck.

Incidentally, have you noticed that the Jefferson picture on the reverse looks like Dr. Zaius. Coupled with the Statue of Liberty, this coin is totally "Planet of the Apes" currency.

Also - CN, this blog won't be ruined until the first responder in the comment insists on posting "first".

CrimeNotes said...


(I posted my comment when this post just existed as a cryptic headline with no accompanying text.)

coin shark said...

Dear Flop,

As a novice coin collector, should I collect these coins? How much is a Millard Fillmore coin really worth?

dmbmeg said...

I think hearing you wax poetic about the Hold Steady might have a bigger chance of leading to the demise of this blog than reading about Benji Harrison on coins (which was actually funny, Flop).

AND I didn't have to reference a dictionary at all to read this post which in my mind always means a successful post at Cole Slaw.

CrimeNotes said...

You guys should be co-bloggers. Flop's avatar can be Quiz Kid Donnie Smith, and I'll be free to step down and spend more time with my family, knowing that he's in good (?) hands.

Flop said...

Coin shark -- Go right ahead, if that's your thing. But if you're looking for an investment, you're probably better off placing as many as you can in a cloth bag with a dollar sign on the side, then parking them in a bank account with a nice APR.

coin shark said...