Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Best. Episode. Ever.

I dropped what I was doing moments ago when I saw that tonight's episode of "Good Eats" with Alton Brown was all about a topic dear to us _ slaw.

On this particular episode, entitled "The Long Arm of The Slaw" Brown was appearing on a fake morning show, where he showed the hosts (who were like a fourth-rate Regis and Kelly on the Cincinnait Fox affiliate) how to make slaw. Alton answered "slaw" to every question the hosts asked, which is totally how I'm going answer everything the next time I'm on local TV or appearing before a Senate committee.

Brown went on to explain the principles of slaw (he failed to mention this blog, however), and demonstrate how to make four different kinds of food for the gods. He also shows off his specially modified box grater, which he calls the "Slaw Dog." He then lets the sexpot female host grate a head of Napa cabbage on it for his cider-vinegar slaw. Which, I must admit, looks better than anything I've ever created in the Cole Slaw Blog test kitchens.

Needless to say, this episode has been thetouched by the "Save Until Manually Erased" wand, and shall reside in that Valhalla along with an episode of the Simpsons (monorail!) the final minutes of the Penn State game ("touchdown, Manningham!") and an episode of "Scrubs" (Hot Becky sucking face with Mandy Moore).

I was also going to post about how I realized the other day exactly how TV movie critic Jay Sherman would have reviewed Titanic, but I've got to master that beet-jicama-fennel slaw. I've got a potluck coming up.


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I know. I love CBG. I couldn't resist.