Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday stylin': pre-empted!

Today's installment of the Thursday Stylin' roundup, an occasional series in which we mock The New York Times for printing materialistic trash under the guise of trend news, has been pre-empted so that we can bring you a Cole Slaw Blog special report.

The other day, while looking around on the NYC bloggers map for any further news on an east side fire that gutted a bar I used to frequent, I found a story that no doubt made the Stylin' Section green with envy. I do need to thank two other blogs: neenotchka online (who appears to be a Duke fan, but that's OK. Some of my best friends are Duke fans.) is where I found the story. She cribbed it from her blog buddy, Alex.

And now, thanks to their hard work and sensibilities, as well as an electrical fire at the Town Crier, we can now bring you the tale of the worst bajillionaire house hunt ever.

I really can't do it justice, other to say that a reporter from the Times of London accompanied two very wealthy people New Yorkers (one the "darling of New York high society," the other son of the Mets' owner), on a house-hunting expedition to the south of France. And trainwreck ensued.

My favorite part is when the reporter drops all pretense of just-an-observer neutrality and openly laments the viewing at which things went, as they say in Britain, all pear-shaped:
It’s almost time for lunch, but Wendy and her team decide to squeeze in one more viewing. “There’s a house owned by an artist that might have the character you’re looking for.” Oh, Wendy, how you must wish you hadn’t done it! Why didn’t you just take Yuki to the nearest brasserie for a vegetarian croque monsieur? Three hours later, Yuki is sobbing hysterically, Bruce is having a stand-up fight with the caretaker, and the police and an ambulance have been called.
Like I said. Trainwreck. Alex Kuczynski couldn't cause this much havoc no matter how many Mase references she throws around.

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