Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday link-o-rama: Deutschland has been represented

What I've done with my Wednesday afternoon:

  • Caught most of the United States' friendly with Germany. We got our autos totally unpimped, 4-1. Small comfort: U.S. lost 4-2 to the Germans and robot goalie Oliver Kahn in March of 2002. Larger comfort: This hilarious World Cup live blog. Which included lots of good snark, albeit at U.S. expense.
  • While reading Washington Oculus, I clicked through to an architecture blog and lost myself for a good 30-45 minutes reading about the coolest university library in the world. A small part of me wants to be a Dutch engineer, just for stuff like this.
  • As you probably already know, The Washington Post thinks so highly of its readers that it hired a blogger who grew up homeschooled in the D.C. suburbs and to tell us about Red (subtext:"real")America. Apparently, vast swaths of our country identify with smug, know-it-all 24-year-old Republican activists who work in Washington. Good to know.
  • Ohio politics corner! Bush apparently did take all questions at the City Club on Monday. He got cranky, though, and wondered aloud if anyone in Cleveland had a job. A lot more did before he was president. Also, Mike DeWine is disliked by the wingnut faction of the Republican party. So DeWine's not a wingnut, just an authoritarian cultist _ part of the group of Senators who like to roll over and pee on themselves whenever the White House barks.
  • (Updated) And I thought I have dinner plans. But the place is only open 11-3. I'll have to get out there tomorrow.

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I hope that Volkswagen is paying us for the ad space.