Friday, March 03, 2006

Here's one reason I'm glad I went to Michigan

Because our players don't lip-sync middle-aged lady songs shirtless and then post the video on the internet.

If this were Henne, Matt Lentz, and Max Martin, you'd hear my screams from New York to Ann Arbor. This shit, I can live with.


double entendre said...

You know Max Martin transferred, right?

CrimeNotes said...

To Alabama, yeah, and I think Matt Lentz is graduating. Still, I'd scream.

CrimeNotes said...

I should also note that I recently played three consecutive seasons of NCAA 2006 as Texas A&M. There was no shirtless lip-syncing , so I don't want to give the impression that these guys are representative. Still, the Aggie fans on NCAA 2006 frequently displayed awkward rhythmic hip gestures in the stands, which prompted me to nickname them the Texas A&M Fightin' Masturbators.