Tuesday, March 28, 2006

French benefits


To: CNN anchor whose name I'm not bothering to look up because you clearly didn't bother to read anything about the news you report

From: Flop

Just because protesters make you uneasy, and your bosses have a fetish with "balance," that doesn't mean you need to waste your breath by asking the Paris correspondent if the youth protests in his city are happening because young French people are split on a law that would make it easier to fire them. It's not one of those combination for-and-against protest we always hear about. They're against it. That's why there's a million of them out in the streets. No one's protesting to support the evisceration of their job protections.

Also, please stop wondering aloud about how this might be related to professors' diminished work ethic when they get "ten-year." For the love of God, if you do actually know what that word is, please learn to pronounce it properly lest you endumben even more Americans. And read a newspaper once in a while.

- F

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winston said...

stop watching tv news. it will only make you suicidal.