Friday, March 24, 2006

Baby turns one

A year ago today, Cole Slaw Blog was born.

It's been one year of media criticism (and a plaudit now and then), the occasional sports gripe, a few movie reviews, fashion bashing, injury reports, squirrel anecdotes, squirrel photos, squirrel taxonomy/melon appreciation, TV commentary, crustacean updates and of course, all the slaw news you can use.

Thanks to everyone who's been reading. We're flattered to be one of your destinations of choice for workplace procrastination.

Thanks also to spinachdip, Washington Oculus, Nichelle and the various others who've linked to us over the past year.

We plan to celebrate with immature behavior, which includes making fun of our friends and annoying some strangers. In other words, a typical weekend.

--CrimeNotes and Flop.


winston said...

happy birthday, my monkies.

winston said...

jesus. monkeys. idiot.

CrimeNotes said...

Actually, we prefer to be called Monkees. "Monchichis" is also acceptable.