Monday, March 20, 2006

Updated links

If you keep track of the links on the righthand side of the page -- and you should, because all of the listed sites are excellent, much better than us -- welcome a couple of two new entries to the list.

Under the "Silliness" heading, we now have Barely Legal Blog. It is perhaps more entertaining than its namesake porn genre, if considerably less nubile. Operated by two highly disgruntled law students, it chronicles the farce and apathy of their sputtering educational careers. As its two proprietors are scheduled to graduate this spring, its themes will likely change soon, but these guys are so entertaining they could write about a night at Applebee's and make it seem like a blast. I believe that Flop read their entire archive in a day.

Hey Jenny Slater debuts under the "Sports" heading, although its genre-busting interests resist an easy classification. Like us, Doug mixes lengthy political posts with sports analysis and pop culture curveballs. It's a shame that I'm labeling it a sports blog, but it's a little too serious to fall under "Silliness" and a little too broad to be a political site. Sports seems like a fair compromise.

In a little-behind-the-scenes news, this humble site turns one on Friday. We're trying to think up a proper celebration.

Finally, for the next two Mondays, Flop and I will be guest-blogging on the godfather of all blogs named after vegetable-based side dishes but not about food, spinachdip nyc. We'll remind you when we post.

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