Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesday link-o-rama

  • Apparently, there is a "Bizarre Sex Toys War in the South."
  • One of our new favorite sites, Barely Legal Blog, just turned one.
  • Funny advertising criticism at This Is What We Do Now.
  • From James Wolcott, another provocative post about Peak Oil.
  • Our drinking buddy Dave Enders has a couple new articles up at Mother Jones. Glad that this time he's sticking to the comparatively safe territory of Northern Iraq instead of hustling around Baghdad. When he's back, the Bell's is on us.
  • Meanwhile, stop wasting your time with Wait until he gets a talking to.
  • MZone continues to be very funny, as well as gracious, following the resolution of the Colin Cowherd controversy. The blogger sometimes known as spinachdip remains less than pleased.
  • Michigan is thinking about installing luxury boxes at Michigan Stadium, and a good number of people are pissed. I'm not too exercised, because this move has been inevitable for a decade, and I don't see it as a fundamental attack on the integrity of the stadium or the program. This defense is pretty extreme in the other direction. I guess on the one hand, there are people in a state of denial the commercial aspect of college sports, and on the other, people who don't see problems with any step to maximize profit as part of a revenue arms race. In my mind, a few luxury boxes aren't a big deal; ads in the stadium would send me into a fury.
  • Michigan's baketball team is in the NIT Finals. Some of my friends are fired up. I'd rather play NCAA 2006.
  • Lastly, filmmaker Spike Jonze put together this 12-minute documentary about Al Gore in 2000. It quickly disappeared before making a comeback in recent weeks. Not your usual campaign video. I highly recommend it.

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