Thursday, July 14, 2005

Dear Hillary: Stop sucking.

The junior senator from New York has turned her attention to the important issue of sex in Grand Theft Auto.

Goddamn, when she's not parroting neocon rhetoric on foreign policy, she's cosponsoring legislation with the likes of Sam Brownback, Rick Santorum, and Joe Lieberman to investigate the corrosive effects of video games on children. When did the Lady MacBeth of Little Rock decide she wanted to be the next Jean Kirkpatrick? What kind of idiot Democrat will support her in the 2008 primaries? (Probably the same idiots who backed John Kerry in the 2004 primaries.)

I mean, I don't expect to agree with every Democratic official on every issue, but when I disagree, I'd like it to be over something respectable. Get off your ass and investigate Abu Ghraib -- who cares if C.J. is banging the ho's of San Andreas? Pat Moynihan wouldn't have been caught dead talking about this bullshit.

Click here for an overview of her demagoguery on this issue. I also recommend regular visits to Raw Story, where I learned about this.

Update: she now has officially called for an FTC investigation into a video game. All of her future campaign mailings go straight to my trash. What a fraud.


Flop said...

See, now it's a moral imperative that you get a PS2. That way you can stick it to stateswomen who should have bigger fish to fry. Revel in the fake bloodbath! Punk Rock, bro!

CrimeNotes said...

I had that exact thought.

She should know better than this. Really. I know she's angling for 2008, but does she have to become a total dumbass, so quickly?